Mighty Handle Helps You Get a Grip on Groceries

Another example of how a simple concept can change the way you do things for the better

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment above the ground floor, you know that coming home with a full load of groceries can be daunting. Carrying armloads of bags up several flights of stairs is not only physically demanding, but potentially disastrous.

Enter “The Mighty Handle,” invented by KC local Ben Rendo.

Shoppers simply place their multiple bags on either hook and carry the whole load by the no-slip handle. The ergonomic design distributes weight evenly and makes it possible to carry up to 50 pounds at once, eliminating the all-too-familiar multiple-trip schlep. Rendo first got the idea for Mighty Handle when hauling grocery bags up the stairs to his apartment left him with red marks on his arms.

“Things went from bad to worse when a package of blueberries spilled in my trunk,” he adds. “Have you ever tried to clean a smashed blueberry out of your carpet? Not pretty.”

That’s why the Mighty Handle boasts a twist-lock mechanism that keeps shopping bags from spilling during the car ride home. The Mighty Handle is dishwasher safe, recyclable and available locally at Hen House Market or you can purchase one online by clicking the image below.

- Lindsey Kennedy