Passion Personified: KC’s Most Influential Women

This year’s Influential Women honorees are not only driven to succeed at their own companies, they’re setting the standard for future generations of female leaders in KC.

Story by Susan Fotovich McCabe  |  Photos by Cameron Gee

Diversity is the best word to describe our 2014 class of Influential Women. Representing a wide array of industries, including sales, marketing, law, nonprofit and more, these 31 women all have one thing in common: passion. And they’re putting that passion into action. Read about the extraordinary ways in which they use their influence to help their clients and make an impact on the community.

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Becky Wilson, Jamie Clayman Loud, and Jennifer Blues.

Valerie Jennings, Melinda Petet, Begonya Klumb, and Sheree Johnson.

Tristan Duncan, Sharon Latimer, and Pamela Potts.

Theresa Otto and Denise Cross.

Teresa Johnson and Jill AlJundi.

Sharla Riead, Michelle Word, Katherine Sinatra, Kim Bartalos, and Anita K. Parran.

Kristen Leathers and Becky Blades.

Karan Y. Baucom, Rachel Hack Merlo, Angie Heer, and Suze Parker.

Delena Stout, Cynthia Cordes, and Katie Yeager.

Becky Freetly-Graber, Denise Hamilton, and Elizabeth DeZeeuw.