There Will Be Blood: KC Ballet’s “Dracula” Premieres

When you think of ballet, you probably picture delicate dancers twirling gracefully in pink tutus. Things are changing a little this spring.

Chances are, a nocturnal count with a thirst for human blood isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, that’s exactly what the Kansas City Ballet has planned for its next performance. The critically acclaimed production of “Dracula” fuses powerful choreography, breathtaking costumes and eerie special effects with a live performance of Philip Feeney’s haunting score by the Kansas City Symphony for an event that is sure to delight and terrify.

The show has already received rave reviews in the U.K., Australia and other U.S. cities, and we can’t wait for the Count to ravage the Kauffman Center from Feb. 21 through March 2.

Purchase your tickets for the horrifyingly beautiful show at—before it’s too late. Ah-ha-ha-ha. –Alex Sher

Purchase your tickets to Kansas City Ballet’s “Dracula” by clicking on the image below.