Fan Buddie with PollenTEC Helps You Breathe Easy

The bolt-on high tech of Fan Buddie is a breeze.

To prevent unhealthy air from accumulating, Pollentec’s Fan Buddie transforms an ordinary 20-inch box floor fan into an air scrubber. Similar products on the market use only one layer of filtration materials. The Fan Buddie, on the other hand, features a filtration material known as PollenTEC and is covered with a thick layer of antimicrobial filtration media.

The dual-layer system makes this product nearly 100 percent effective, and it’s easy to install. Simply peel off the Velcro adhesive backing and stick it onto the fan frame. It’s also easy to clean. The Fan Buddie is dishwasher safe as long as it’s set on a short cycle and the heat-dry option is off. It air-dries quickly, but can also be tossed in the clothes dryer on a low heat setting.

To ensure the air in your home stays clean, visit and purchase a Fan Buddie for $24.95. Those who do not currently own a box fan will soon be able to order a Fan Buddie preinstalled on a Lasko brand model for $50.

Story by Alex Sher