Bust Out the Bubbly: Ça Va Opens Friday

The highly anticipated Westport Champagne bar finally opened with a POP!

Few people think of Champagne as accessible, but Howard Hanna is hoping that changes with help from Ça Va.

The Champagne bar features 32 sparkling wines, 10 of which are from the Champagne region of France, as well as a full bar with spirits, Boulevard bottles and two beers on tap.

Photo via Ça Va’s Facebook page.

The idea to open a bar highlighting the bubbly beverage took root before Hanna became the chef and co-owner of The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange (and became a James Beard Award semifinalist in the Best Chef Midwest category). In the years since he put his plan on the back burner, the Champagne industry has moved away from the big names, giving other wine makers a chance to stand out and making the concept an even better fit for Kansas City.

“At Ça Va, we will have a strong focus on grower champagnes and do things that are from small producers that grow their own grapes,” Hanna explains.

The menu reflects the bar’s approachable take on champagne through refined yet simple items that that pair well with the beverage, such as marinated olives, rabbit liver pate, cheese from Missouri’s Green Dirt Farm, a jambon plate showcasing meat from three Midwestern producers and The Rieger’s beloved pork soup.

“We really want people to open their minds to champagne and give it a chance as an everyday table wine that is wonderful with food,” Hanna says.

Something tells us Kansas City is ready to embrace the combination.