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Raise a Glass to Cleanliness, Kansas City

Boulevard Brewing Company and Indigo Wild have teamed up to create something truly eclectic

Beer lovers and germaphobes, rejoice! KC’s beloved specialty brewer Boulevard Brewing Co. has teamed up with all-natural beauty company Indigo Wild to create a sudsy sensation: beer-infused soaps.

Because Indigo Wild—creator of the popular Zum line of products—is no stranger to eclectic bath & body items, home fragrances and cleaning solutions, Boulevard had a hunch the groundbreaking brand would be up to the challenge of incorporating beers into soap.

Together, they created Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat with Lemon and Sandalwood; Boulevard Dark Truth Stout with Coffee, Almond and Honey; Boulevard 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat with Tea Tree Citrus; and Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale with Grapefruit.  All four soaps gently smell like their namesake beer and are made with Indigo Wild’s all-natural ingredients.

Though the combination may seem a little unusual, it is a natural extension of Indigo Wild’s mission. “Not only do we like to support Kansas City’s vibrant artisan food scene, we also like to offer our customers innovative products to enhance their lives,” says Emily Voth, Indigo Wild’s founder and president.

The soaps are available as a set of four for $22.95. They can be found at Boulevard Brewing Co.’s gift shop at 2501 Southwest Blvd. and online  by clicking the image below at boulevard.com.

Alex Sher