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Up In the Air with Lucia Aerial Performing Arts

Looking for a way to take your fitness levels to new heights? Lucia Aerial Performing Arts is KC’s new go-to for a truly unique workout.

Launched by Jenny Prohaska, former director of the Quixotic School of Performing Arts, and her sister, Ashley, the studio offers a range of aerial and acrobatics classes in its Town Center Plaza location.

In case you’re not familiar with aerial, it’s kind of like a yoga class—that you perform in mid-air.

“Aerial arts and acrobatics is a unique combination of strength, flexibility and balance, all while being suspended by an apparatus,” Prohaska says.

Classes at Lucia get both children and adults off the ground with the help of long swathes of silk, pendant ropes, trapezes and large steel hoops called lyras. It may sound scary, but according to Prohaska there’s no need to be intimidated.

“Aerial arts in general is cool because it requires the build-up of an amazing level of fitness, but you can start anywhere in your fitness level to get there,” she says. “We can modify almost anything to accommodate a variety of fitness levels and body styles.”

To learn more about Lucia Aerial or to sign up for a class, visit their website linked below.