4 Business Books Currently Keeping Us Awake at Night

Train Your Brain; Closer Together, Further Apart; Bankable Leadership; and Tornado Warning: The Extraordinary Women of Joplin


It is far too easy to dream about a promotion or increasing your productivity while merely going through the motions of your daily work thoughtlessly. In fact, most people act “unconsciously” for at least 95 percent of their time in the office. To combat this mental laziness, The Mind Aware has provided personal and professional development through trainings, books, interviews and more, so it is only fitting that its CEO, Dana Wilde, wrote “Train Your Brain” (beginning at $7.69 on kindle) about motivational systems for lifelong success.

The book is full of specific methods to get past the “Cycle of Perpetual Sameness.” From mantras to utilizing the unconscious mind to raising personal awareness, Wilde teaches readers how to take charge of their own brains and stay mentally active throughout the workday in a positive and friendly way. The first half of the book is a didactic read; the second half is full of different activities that train readers to engage their brains. “Train Your Brain” offers three separate ways to maneuver through the two parts, so reading the book itself is a personalized experience. “Train Your Brain” is available at all major bookstores and online at  – Alex Sher



Digital technology has profoundly affected mankind and not always in the best ways. It’s more commonplace these days to witness people in a restaurant or bar looking down at their cell phones instead of physically interacting. Our ability to communicate with each other instantaneously has had a curious effect on personal and professional relationships, and in some respects, has desensitized our society as a whole, according to therapist, public speaker and blogger Robert Weiss, who co-wrote “Closer Together, Further Apart: The Effect of Technology and the Internet on Sex, Intimacy and Relationships” with Dr. Jennifer Schneider.

The book explores the dangers of technology addiction and the toll it can take on a person’s mental and physical health. Weiss points out that, in a world increasingly dominated by emails, texts and Skype, CEOs and small business owners have a particularly difficult time disengaging from their cellphones and laptops, sometimes even having “an irrational reaction” when separated from their devices. But fret not, tech junkies. “Closer Together, Further Apart” serves to educate readers how to effectively absorb information in healthier, more meaningful ways. Released in mid-February, this book is available at most major bookstores for $14.95.  – Kathryn Jones



Successful businessmen often work fewer hours than their less-successful counterparts. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not according to psychologist Dr. Tasha Eurich. She believes those who take more breaks and work only 40 hours a week are usually more focused while they work and thus more productive than those suffering through 50-hour weeks. Eurich also thinks productive schedules—and other key components of successful companies—begin with effective leadership. Luckily, 70 percent of leadership is learned, according to Eurich’s book “Bankable Leadership: Happy People, Bottom-Line Results, and the Power to Deliver Both.” It teaches all of the skills necessary to be a thriving leader.

“Bankable Leadership” is broken down into four straightforward sections that explain the various problems found in modern leaders and step-by-step methods on how to improve. Eurich enlightens readers on not only making goals, but also fulfilling them and gives advice on when (and how) leaders should swallow their pride and admit their mistakes. With lessons on productivity, teamwork and finding the balance between supportive and demanding, this book is perfect for all professionals, regardless if they hold a management position. “Bankable Leadership” is available on for $9.99 for kindles and $19.64 for a hardcover copy. The first 42 pages of the book and other information on Dr. Eurich are available online at – Alex Sher



May 22 marks the two-year anniversary of the Joplin tornado, which took the lives of 161 people and destroyed 8,000 buildings, most of which were homes. “People on the outside of such devastation … forget about how long it takes to return to normal, if ever,” says Tamara Hart Heiner, author of “Tornado Warning: The Extraordinary Women of Joplin.” Her book recounts the experiences of seven women and their families who were directly affected by the single most deadly tornado since records were kept in 1950.

Shortly after the tornado hit, Heiner—a mystery fiction writer—drove the 45 miles to Joplin from her home in Bella Vista, Ark., and was so daunted by the magnitude of its destruction, she decided to write her first nonfiction book about the town’s harrowing experience. She pored through piles of reports and thousands of pages of technical scientific information on meteorology and tornado safety, and conducted dozens of interviews with residents, weather experts and government officials. “What most inspired me was how people came together to help each other,” Heiner recalls. “Tornado Warning” will be available from all retailers online, both print and all eBook formats, and at select retail bookstores in early May for $15.95. –Kathryn Jones