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Z is for Scalamandré

Scalamandré: Haute Décor is more than just a peek behind the prancing zebra print.

Those who devour interior design publications will undoubtedly know the name Scalamandré—and a canny lot of them will even know how to pronounce it—but even those who know neither may recognize the bold leaping-zebras pattern that has become the signature of the 85-year-old purveyor of luxury fabrics, wall coverings and home accessories.

“Prints are so personal,” says Scalamandré president, Stephen Stolman. “But every once in a while there’s a pattern or motif that strikes a chord with a broader audience.”

There’s no wonder why the bold design was chosen for the cover of “Scalamandré: Haute Décor,” a beautiful new coffee-table book authored by Stolman that delves into the company’s illustrious history. However, Stolman says the company’s late founders, Franco and Flora Scalamandré, would probably wonder themselves at how the design became the most recognizable from a house that made its name producing exquisite but sedate textiles that have been used in elegant addresses from the White House to the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

You can read the story of how it happened on our website, but for a fascinating and comprehensive look at Scalamandré’s story and designs, this book is a must-read.

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