Roca Salon Shows Us How to Nail that Winter Manicure

The experts at Roca Salon & Spa know how and why you should keep hands healthy in ice-cold weather.

Winter is the notorious harbinger of dry skin and brittle nails. But what can be done to treat and prevent this cold weather discomfort? And how can nail care novices have flawless, long lasting and on-trend nails this season? Fear not, hibernating fashionistas. Beth Oney of Roca Salon & Spa in Westport has the answers you need.

When it comes to winter nail care, Oney doesn’t prescribe anything overly complicated. “Nothing that takes hours and hours,” she assures, adding that gentle exfoliation and a nightly moisturizing routine will go a long way.

“When you’re in the shower or bath take a washcloth and exfoliate the cuticle, pushing back in a circular motion,” Oney says. “Not gently, but really getting in there and exfoliating naturally.”

Replenishing moisture lost in the dry winter weather can easily be done at home. For skin hydration, Oney recommends finding a good cuticle cream to apply nightly before going to bed.

The salon carries Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm, which Oney suggests using along with Qtica’s Overnight Intense Hand Repair Balm.

Once your skin and nails have been properly hydrated, next comes the fun part: choosing your nail style. Nail trends have been plentiful this year. From ombré fades and mattes to reverse French manicures and intricately painted acrylics, the choices are seemingly endless. That said, what the explosion of nail trends really reflects is a greater trend toward individuality. Like any expression of style, choosing a nail color should reflect your unique personality.

The mark of a good manicurist, then, is an ability to help clients find their own individual trend. “Nails are an accessory, and people are learning who they want to be,” Oney says. She recommends finding a nail technician who will take the time to help you personalize your manicure. “You need to sit down and not be afraid to say ‘I don’t know, help me find out what I want.’”

Even if you aren’t trend-obsessed, hand and nail maintenance is important for everyone year-round. Oney has clients of all kinds. “I have a lot of firemen and police officers and construction workers that will tell you this is a necessity for them,” she says. “It isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good and being healthy.”

Making It Last

To prolong the life of a manicure: acrylic nails and gel manicures are longer-lasting alternatives to the traditional polish treatment.

Acrylic nails are enhancements placed over natural nails. While the removal process can sometimes be harsh on natural nails, acrylic manicures with intricate designs are a great trend for expressing individual style, and the right nail technician can minimize damage during the removal process.

Gel manicures use a thick, specially formulated polish that is applied and then cured under UV or LED light in multiple coats. These manicures are smudge-free and can last for weeks without chipping.

Oney recommends the Hand & Nail Harmony brand’s Gelish polish, which is cured under an LED lamp, allowing the wearer to leave the salon with dry nails. Gelish is applied much like regular nail polish, but the curing process makes it a treatment that’s perfect for those who can’t get in to see their manicurist regularly.