Hanae Mori HiM Sends You Into the Woods

Or is that “scents you into the woods”?

If you describe the man in your life (or yourself) as warm, spicy and confident, we’ve found the ideal fragrance for you. Hanae Mori Parfums spent a decade refining HiM, the scent that will fit your guy as well as a tailored blazer or favorite pair of jeans. The top note marries essences of bergamot and mandarin orange oils (said to enhance vitality); hand-ground grey pepper (to create wisdom); rosemary leaves (for stamina); and seeds from the cardamom plant to lend aromatic mystery. You may also discern cinnamon, Mediterranean fig, musk and teak wood.

The bottle, designed by Pierre Dinand, is a variegated amber glass; its cap resembles a tsuka, the handle of a samurai’s sword. HiM is offered in eau de parfum (3.4 oz., $99) and eau de toilette and aftershave balm.

Get HiM by Hanae Mori online by clicking on the image below.