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Dark Horse Distillery is Raising the Bar

Kansas City’s Dark Horse Distillery creates a quality rye and local pride.

When the Garcia family opened Dark Horse Distillery in 2010, they hoped to ride the wave of independently made, small-batch spirits taking over cocktail menus across the land. Starting with Rider Vodka and Long Shot White Whiskey, Dark Horse recently added Reserve Bourbon and Reunion Rye Whiskey along with a special-release whiskey for the holidays.

Dark Horse’s spirits have won enough trophies to justify adding another room to the expansive Lenexa building that houses the distillery, two bars and a handsome event space. One of the latest awards is particularly impressive: Reunion Rye received a Double Gold from The Fifty Best in its blind-tasting of rye whiskeys, receiving the most points of all 24 that were judged.