Courtney Jenkins Wages War on Winter Skin

KC-made Milk & Honey Naturals products are designed from the ground up to pamper skin and hair the all-natural way.

Every year, as the days get shorter and the air grows colder, winter weather can and will wreak havoc on even the smoothest, most supple skin. And if finding moisturizing beauty products to combat winter air was not difficult enough, airport liquid regulations make it even harder to maintain healthy skin and hair when traveling.

To combat the annual dry-skin season, Kansas City’s Milk & Honey Naturals offers body care products that not only smell delectable, but are also highly effective at cleansing and moisturizing winter-wrecked skin and damaged tresses. The family-owned company offers a wide range of affordable body products to keep skin and hair happy all year-round. Because these products come in a solid form rather than liquid, they are both travel friendly and all natural, according to owner Courtney Jenkins.

“If you have water [in a product], you have to use preservatives,” Jenkins says. “We take all of the things that you use on a regular basis and remove water from them. [We are] reconfiguring the chemistry to offer a trendy, modern, affordable line of 100 percent natural body care products.”

Milk & Honey Naturals strives to source its natural goods from local vendors. “I’m always trying to raise awareness on the importance of supporting local sustainable farms and small businesses,” Jenkins says. “Everything is fresher, it supports the local economy, there is less environmental impact, and I get the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles in order to take advantage of the fresh seasonal variety.”

Jenkins has run Milk & Honey Naturals for the past eight years, but her family has made its own soaps for as long as she can remember. While in business school at ECPI University in Newport News, Va., Jenkins realized she could turn these made-from-scratch soaps into a successful business. With only $200 in her pocket, Jenkins began investing in products and building a customer base. Word quickly spread with help from social media, and before long, she was doing shows to promote her products.

Jenkins instinctively did all of the design, branding, photography, production and writing for Milk & Honey Naturals. “I’m just a natural DIY [Do-It-Yourself] person,” she explains. And all of that hard work has paid off. Milk & Honey Naturals’ website has been running smoothly for four years. The products can now be found across the country—locals can pick up Jenkins’ creations at Milagro Midwestern Spa & Collective in Leawood.

Story by Alex Sher