Clair de Lune and Hope House host 10th-annual Great Bra Exchange

Clearing out your closet at the start of this New Year could be more beneficial than just creating space

Story by Hannah Barling

If you’re looking for lovely lingerie, the Great Bra Exchange is a great way to treat yourself (or your Valentine) and to pay it forward to someone in need.  Running from January 9 to 26, bring your gently used bras in to Claire de Lune lingerie boutique in Hawthorne Plaza and receive a $15 store credit toward a new bra. There is no trade-in limit and the used bras are then donated to Hope House, a Kansas City metro area shelter for domestic abuse victims, who sometimes come in with only the clothes on their backs.

Over the past 10 years, more than 15,000 bras have been donated to Hope House through the program, according to Clair de Lune’s owner, Terry Levine. She added that customers have shown a strong desire to help others—some have even shipped their donated bras from out of town.