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Celliant Energy Textiles: Healing Fibers for Cold Weather

Now there’s no reason for the cold shoulder…or hand…or foot.

When temperatures drop, the body stops focusing on the less-essential limbs and works to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the core instead. This shift in circulation leads to ice-cold hands and feet in the wintertime.

To combat that issue, Celliant Energy Textiles has designed a yarn with more than a dozen minerals that improve circulation and elevate tissue oxygen levels. Celliant’s clothing absorbs body heat and turns it into infrared energy, allowing the body to focus its energy usage where it truly matters. Since the polyester yarn of the fabric is coated with this special mineral blend, the garment’s heat-trapping efficiency doesn’t diminish after washing or wearing.

Celliant also sells its fabric to other companies; the fabric has been used in various Puma, New Balance and Sealy products.

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Stay warm and toasty over the winter with any of Celliant Energy Textiles’ other heat-trapping products available for purchase at celliant.com.