Auric Blends Offers the Sweet Scent of Serenity

Auric Blends are a great way to ward off stress and smell great at the same time.

Let the rich scent of amber melt your cares away with Tunisian Amber Oils Perfume fragrance from Auric Blends.

According to Kansas City herb, tea and oil purveyor Phoenix Herb Company, the Auric Blends amber oil is said to be beneficial to the “third eye,” the mystical doorway to higher consciousness as well as the “crown” chakra, commonly associated with enlightenment and intuition. Whether or not this aromatic oil blend has any spiritual effect, the spicy-sweet aroma has an undeniably warm and serene result.

The roll-on applicator is perfect for controlled application, but it’s also removable so oil can be accessed for all of your aromatherapy needs. Auric Blends Tunisian Amber Oils Perfume can be found at Phoenix Herb’s store in Kansas City or online by clicking the image below.

 - Lindsey Kennedy