Ask the Pros: How Do I Get Great Hair & Skin on Camera?

10 Tips for a Flawless Photo – the pros teach you how to work that camera!

We went to the glam squad of Daicy // Figueiredo – professional photographers who know the secrets about getting great results from just doing a few things differently than normal.

Picture Perfect – story by Kathryn Jones

Some people are naturally photogenic. Apparently, they were just born that good looking, and the cameras eat it up. And then there are the rest of us, who couldn’t take a good picture if our lives depended on it. Our eyes are closed, there’s lipstick on our teeth, and the camera didn’t just add 10 pounds—it tacked on an extra 20 out of spite. But there’s hope for us yet. Meet Adam Daicy and Joey Figueiredo of Daicy // Figueiredo.

Daicy’s fashion photography has appeared in magazines throughout Kansas City, Washington, D.C., and L.A., where he worked for “America’s Next Top Model.” Figueiredo is a highly sought-after hair and makeup artist that’s been featured at New York Fashion Week. Inseparable since 2004, they have photographed and done makeup and hair (MUAH) for high-profile events, ad campaigns and editorial shoots from coast to coast.

After the two relocated to Kansas City a few years ago, Daicy’s career transitioned into portrait photography, and he quickly gained a loyal following. Figueiredo opened a salon in Prairie Village and started doing beauty segments for NBC Action News and Fox 4. He’s also the exclusive MUAH artist for KSHB-TV’s “Kansas City Live.”

“I teach the same things on TV that I do in the salon, which is how to recreate salon looks at home,” Figueiredo says. “After each service, I touch up on my clients’ makeup and give them a tip or two on how to apply an eye shadow or a new technique for how to get a certain look. I think that’s what sets us apart. We don’t just give clients a certain style, we educate them throughout the whole process.”

“We’ve always thought combining photo and beauty together would be a great concept to offer our clients,” Daicy says. “We’d been doing it the last couple of years on the side, but this year, we officially launched the business full time. Our goal is to open up a space that has both a full-service salon and a photo studio.”

“Overall, I think offering photography and hair and makeup together creates a brand where clients can go to one business for all of their needs,” Figueiredo says. “They can trust our company to take care of them from beginning to end. Whether it’s a family portrait session or their wedding day, we help them achieve that camera-ready gorgeousness.”

10 Tips for Taking a Flawless Photo

1) How can I get camera-ready hair on picture day?

While styling your hair, use a de-frizzing or a lightweight smoothing serum and blow-dry downward to reduce frizz and fly-aways. (Recommended product: Sojourn Texture Spray $24 and O&M Frizzy Logics $27). For extra volume, gently backcomb your hair with a boar-bristle brush and/or fine-tooth comb, starting from the top-middle of your head, working your way back to the crown and locking in each previous section. Then, gently brush the top that you just backcombed. Finish your style with a light mist of shine spray to give some visual life to your hair. Make sure not to use too much, which will make your hair look oily. (Recommended product: Davines Shimmering Mist $28).

2)Should I just flat iron or curl my hair ahead of time and be done?

If you decide to flat iron your hair, make sure to protect it with heat protection (Recommended product: Sojourn Thermal Protection Straightener $24) and not to go above a medium heat setting (360 degrees). Work in small sections and go at a medium to slow pace. If you decide to curl your hair, spray a light coat of medium hold hairspray on before curling with the hot iron. After it cools down, brush it out with your fingers for a loose, relaxed (but still structured) curl, then spray once more to hold. (Recommended product: Davines Invisible No Gas Spray $28).

3)What is the best way to prepare my skin for picture-day makeup?

Prep your face with an oil-free primer before you put on your foundation to decrease shine. This will also reduce dilated pores and redness while giving you a flawless airbrushed feel. (Recommended product: Jane Iredale Smooth Affair $48). Blot areas such as your forehead and nose pre-photo with a blotting sheet or matte powder since these areas are more likely to look shiny.

4)Which areas of the face are best to accentuate for the camera?

Highlight your key face areas with a shimmer eye shadow or highlighter that include under the arch of your brow, inside corners of you eyes, cheek bones and also the cupids bow of your top lip. (Recommended product: Jane Iredale Allure Eye Shadow $19 or In Touch Highlighter $28).

5)When choosing clothing for a family photo, should we all wear the same thing?

No! Focus on a general tone for everyone or bring out colors that are complementary. Choose a color and then feel free to mix up different shades and textures within that color to tie things together. Don’t run out and buy everyone matching color polo shirts! Your clothing should fit the environment of your portrait setting.

6)How can I show my own style in the portraits?

This is the part where everyone can show their own style, and it will make a better portrait along with happier family members. This is a great place to add an addition of color as well as continue to give each individual his or her own personality and style. Examples of accessories include jewelry, scarfs, belts, ties, undershirts and appropriate hats. Choose a color tone, and the options are endless.

7)What should I think about when choosing a location for portraits?

You want the location of your portraits to match your personal style or interests, whether it’s a traditional park, an urban downtown scene, a rustic prairie field or a sentimental location. You want to feel comfortable while taking portraits and get the setting you desire. At the same time, listen to your photographer’s suggestions as far as specific locations based on the style of location you’re interested in.

8)What about angles, position of my body, etc., during portraits?

Generally, whatever is positioned closest to the camera looks the largest. Legs should be positioned at an angle to the side/behind the body when sitting. When posing for a headshot or portrait, angle your shoulders so that one is farther away from the camera rather than square to the camera. This posing will make the body look leaner so you can achieve a more visually appealing portrait.

9)What should I avoid doing when posing for photos?

Your photographer should be a good director for posing, but at the same time, you want to feel natural. Don’t stack heads on top of one another like a totem pole; don’t have the family stand in a straight line. You want different depths and levels within the portrait. When seated on furniture, sit closer to the edge and sit up straight rather than slouching into the furniture.

10)What are some minor details that make a big difference in pictures?

Things that play into the quality of your portraits would consist of:

*Ironing your clothes

*Cleaning your shoes

*Lint-rolling dark clothing

*Arriving with hair and makeup camera-ready