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Ambrosi Brothers Cutlery Is A Sharp Looking Bunch

Midtown Kansas City’s cutlery experts have worked half a century to earn the trust of local chefs and restaurateurs.

It’s just as you’d expect from a family-owned knife sharpening business that’s populated by seven guys; heavy on the testosterone, plenty of good-natured kidding, and — on any given lunch hour — fragrant with a bag of Gates barbeque sandwiches from down the street. Even the resident pooch, Dante, is a guy.

Ambrosi Brothers Cutlery has been keeping the cutting tools of local chefs, culinary students and gourmet enthusiasts in prime condition for more than 50 years.

This tight knit group is lead by Alfred Ambrosi, who took ownership of the family business in 2000 when his parents moved back home to Carisolo, Italy. In truth, he’d been wo