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4 Kansas City Fitness Facilities that will have You Sweating in Style

Let’s get physical in these four fantastic Kansas City fitness facilities just a hop, skip and a crunch away.

JQ’s BFit2 Cross Training Club

Not too many people can say they’ve been trained by a modern-day Gladiator, but Jonquil Baugh’s customers can. Years before the British beauty started JQ’s BFit2 cross-training club in Overland Park, she starred as an actual “Gladiator” on the hit U.K. TV series “Gladiators.”

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Lucia Aerial Performing Arts

“Aerial arts and acrobatics is a unique combination of strength, flexibility [and] balance, all while being suspended by an apparatus,” Prohaska describes. “Aerial arts in general is cool because it requires the build-up of an amazing level of fitness, but you can start anywhere in your fitness level to get there. We can modify almost anything to accommodate a variety of fitness levels and body styles.”

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Fusion Fitness

“We have developed a system that will transform your body by elongating your muscles and decreasing body fat, plus improve cardiovascular endurance as well as flexibility,” says creator and owner Darby Brender. “We stay on top of the latest fitness trends and constantly incorporate new moves and training opportunities to keep your muscles guessing and increase results.”

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Health House

Health House provides 11 different high-energy fitness classes with a maximum capacity of 20 students. It helps clients achieve and maintain fit lifestyles through dietary advice and moral support in creating and accomplishing fitness goals. According to Knopke, Health House inspires its customers to improve their lives through exercise, education and nutrition.

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