2014 Rising Stars of Kansas City Business

Our Rising Stars of Kansas City business dazzle the entrepreneurial community with brilliant ideas and an innovative approach to leadership.

Story by Ramona Paden and Kathryn Jones  |  Photos by David Shaughnessy

Every year the Earth orbits the sun is a year more beautiful and complex than its predecessors put together. The world is constantly turning, and in times of darkness, the moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars. The same can be said of Kansas City’s changing business landscape and the new generation of professionals leading the pack to a brighter future through their remarkable success stories.

If you want to see the brightest stars in Kansas City, all you have to do is step outside on a clear night and turn your gaze upward. If you want to know the brightest stars in Kansas City, pick a name below the image to read more about them!

L to R: Michelle Marriott, Jeff Chambers, Kris Kappel, Sarah Richardson, and Cassie Blankenship.

L to R: Michael Walker, KaMara White, Erik Wullschleger, Katie Yeager, and Mike Jackson.

L to R: Ben Rendo, Bridget Romero, Amanda Siler, Jon Stephens, and Candace Walker.

L to R: Eric Mann, Natalie McAllister Jackson, Amber Myers, Kate Nolen, and Megan Redmond.

L to R: Christian Fisher, Kathleen Fisher, Adam Gebhardt, Kelly Hancox, and Zach Henderson.

L to R: Brian Anderson, Erica Brune, and Grant Burch.