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Three Ways to Shake Up Your Fitness Routine

Stuck in a rut? We scoured Kansas City gyms for fun new ways to workout

It’s the same old story: At the start of every New Year, health clubs fill up with droves of new or lapsed members who have resolutions to keep. Whether you’re new to working out, or just looking for a new workout to keep you interested and motivated, we’ve found some of the best ways to make fitness fun in Kansas City.

One of the fastest-growing fitness franchises, Orangetheory Fitness, opened a location in Leawood’s Park Place just a few months ago. The club offers hour-long workouts based on interval training theory throughout the day. The routine, which incorporates time on the treadmill and indoor rower as well as weight training blocks, changes up regularly to keep you and your muscles guessing what’s next. Working out with a group is a good way to keep motivated too.

Popular locally owned City Gym celebrates an expansion this month that will drastically increase its floor plan, allowing for more equipment and another group exercise studio. We’re hoping this means they’ll add even more exciting classes to the schedule. Our pick? “Pound!” – a workout that’s one part cardio routine, one part drum lesson and a whole lot of energy. You’ll use special drumsticks to pound out the music beats and burn off the calories as you work out.

Although Waldo’s newly opened boutique gym, Health House, offers a range of cardio and body sculpting classes, what sets it apart from other clubs is the focus on rowing machine-based classes using top-of-the-line WaterRowers. Check out Health House’s “Shock Wave” class, which they claim is the most efficient total body workout in the world.  This circuit-style routine alternates short-burst intervals on the WaterRower with reps at various stations aimed at chiseling the legs, core and arms.

Have you discovered another fun new way to workout? Comment below to tell us about it!