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Taster’s Choice: The Season’s Best Brews – New Belgium

Accumulation White India Pale Ale

Pale and wheat malts give this I.P.A. a light and crisp flavor without too much bitterness from the hops. This particular I.P.A. would make for a great transitional beer for the casual beer consumers who found they didn’t like hoppy beers in the past. Accumulation has an IBU rating of 70, which is considered high on the bitter scale, but the taste is not as hoppy as the number might suggest.

Overall this is a solid IPA from a great brewery out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Personally, it tastes and looks like a hoppy spring selection but overall it will be pleasing to a wide variety of beer drinkers.

New Belgium’s Accumulation White India Pale Ale can be found in 12oz bottles in better liquor stores across the Kansas City metro.