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Taster’s Choice: The Season’s Best Brews – Mother’s Brewery

Winter Grind Coffee Stout

Right out of the bottle this aromatic stout conjures the smell of a tall iced coffee from your favorite shop. That’s no accident – Mother’s Brewery is located right down the street from The Mud House in Springfield, MO. where they incorporate an espresso blend from the local roasters for this seasonal brew.

From the start, shots of caramel, cream and chocolate notes percolate from the glass and slowly darkens into a cold froth. Winter Grind features a medium body that clocks in at 6% ABV so it is easily drinkable. Casual beer drinkers who might not have experienced stout style ale’s should enjoy this rich, dark beer. It is much lighter than it looks in the glass.

The amount of coffee flavor is very well balanced; bold but not overpowering. Stouts usually have notes of caramel, toffee, chocolate from roasting of dark grains used in their creation, so coffee flavors enhance the natural taste, rather than mask it. The finish is slightly bitter and dry which leaves you wanting another.

Stouts and other darker beers might be a bit intimidating for the casual beer drinker, but Winter Grind is easily one of our top 3 favorite coffee stouts available in Kansas City. We found ours at Gomers South.