Spa at Home? That’s Zum Good Thinking

Buy at the store, take it home, make it even better.

Indigo Wild’s owner, Emily Voth, figured if food lovers have embraced all things organic and pure, why not create a new line of spa products with the same vibe? Voilà: The new Zum & Go Natural Spa at Home collection.

The do-gooders even come with recipes to make them more potent. For instance, add half a mashed avocado to the Lavender & Rhassoul Clay Mask ($16.50) to up the nutrient ante and help rid your complexion of discolorations. Mix muddled strawberries and honey into the Rosemary-Mint & Walnut Scrub ($10.50) to help slough off dull skin. And adding ½ cup of beer to the Scalp Oil ($13) will leave your hair shiny and strong. Drink the rest of the brew as you admire your revived tresses.

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