SKIN Boutique Helps You Look Like a Fox. In Winter.

Smooth and silky, not dry and flaky.

There’s a new beauty queen in town, and she’s got your hook up to cure your dry winter complexion. In fact, local nutrition consultant and herbalist Stephanie Simpkins keeps it so simple and organic that she has dubbed her line Skin.

This Hydrating Face Serum ($28) features the signature blend of citrus fruits and healing oils to give you calming and uplifting relief against the dry winter weather. While it does have the gentle hint of orange scent, it is so subtle that you’ll forget it’s there—until people start telling you that your new theme song should be “Foxy Lady,” by Jimi Hendrix.

And, if you think that sounds good, you should check out the rest of the Skin collection. Here’s to keeping it real. Real hot.