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See How Knotty Can Be Nice

Home decor items that look like they could be in museums and art galleries.

Get your passport stamped at Knotty Rug, where the exquisite selection includes handmade goods from the regions of Iran, India, Pakistan, China and other locales around the globe.

One to consider for your home is a Ferehan Sarouk rug (4’ 1” x 6’ 5”, $11,500) made in Iran more than 100 years ago. Its perfect condition, beautiful coloring and small knotting makes it a rare find. An antique Khotan (5’ 3” x 8’ 7”, $2,600) sourced from a southern region of China, displays floral pottery against a red field with a gold and hazelnut border.

Exotic and suitable for any décor, one of these beauties will make you glad it’s winter. See more in their rug gallery.