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Our Sassy Pantry Gets Us Into a Jam

Ask anybody and you’ll understand that “Everything is better with bacon.” The people at Our Sassy Pantry can be considered true believers.

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the gals at Our Sassy Pantry have created a special love potion. It’s bacon jam ($14.95), and winner of Kansas City’s 2013 Bacon-Fest.

Of course, man or woman, there’s nothing more desirable than this all-natural confection of bacon, maple, chili flakes, and other non-preservative bits of goodness. What do you do with such an intoxicating thing as bacon jam?

The chefs at Our Sassy Pantry suggestion folding it into your favorite mac and cheese recipe, or spreading it on your favorite sandwich or burger. Or you can always eat it right out of the jar, your call. Either way, it’s a bacon aphrodisiac you’ll love.

To get your own taste, click on the image below to buy a jar online.