Highway to the AWESOME ZONE

REACTOR Design Studio in the Crossroads ramps up its brand

REACTOR is no ordinary design studio. It’s the World Headquarters of Awesome. This self-proclaimed title is boldly emblazoned on the lobby’s artfully crafted room divider featuring three bright-orange bicycles suspended in mid-air. It’s a statement piece all right—a proud message from REACTOR’s modest staff of seven who think it’s an awesome place to work and aren’t afraid to tell the world. What else would you expect from a young up-and-comer earning national respect for its modern approach to branding?

Owner and “Creative Chuck Norris” Clifton Alexander started the company out of his home 10 years ago at the tender age of 25, not long after he graduated from the KC Art Institute. REACTOR began as a graphic design studio but has since evolved into brand strategy firm that designs logos and any kind of print material imaginable from brochures to business cards, essentially helping companies send their own messages to employees and customers.

Warden Grier Law Firm, KVC Health Systems, Commerce Bank and Indigo Wild are a few of REACTOR’s local fans. “We also work with a lot of startups, very young companies who are well funded and need to make a splash right out of the gate,” Alexander says.

According to its website, REACTOR delivers “the world’s most effective 4D growth solutions.” What does 4D mean? Alexander explains that REACTOR takes a four-dimensional approach to growing a client’s brand, which are: stimulate, engage, incite and connect. “We try to incorporate each of these four things into every project to achieve the ultimate goal, which is growth,” he says.

REACTOR’s customers aren’t the only ones growing. Its new office in the Crossroads is six times bigger than its previous one. “A huge part of our growth has been the shift in philosophy for how we do business,” Alexander says. “We used to be just an executor of design. Somebody would come to us with an idea, and we’d execute it in a beautiful way. But now that we’ve taken on bigger clients and are truly partnering with them, it has provided us an opportunity to grow significantly over the last couple of years.”

 Story by Kathryn Jones