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Make Your Own Sriracha, You Saucy Thing!

The shortage is coming. Here’s how to survive in style by making your own version of the unofficial “Fifth Food Group.”

For years, foodies have been hot for Sriracha. There’s no mistaking that little red squeeze bottle with the green cap and the rooster on the front has found a permanent spot in refrigerators across America. Fanatics constantly introduce new and intriguing uses for the sauce whether it’s baked Sriracha potato chips, Sriracha-buttered shrimp, a devilishly spicy Bloody Mary or—wait for it—Sriracha chocolate ice cream.

Then again, some people are not big Sriracha fans. Residents of Irwindale, Calif., are particularly miffed. They claim the Sriracha plant in their hometown is emitting noxious fumes and terrorizing their sinuses. The city of Irwindale is currently suing Huy Fong Foods, the company that makes the popular sauce, and a widespread panic has ensued, not unlike the Twinkie crisis of 2012.

What will happen next in the Sriracha Saga? Will it make a comeback like its snack cake comrade or fade into oblivion like Pepsi Blue? The world shall wait and see.

In case of emergency, here’s how to make your own Sriracha sauce:

Scary-looking cleaver optional. Photo courtesy of Sriracha Sauce Facebook.

Pichet Ong’s Sriracha Recipe

1 ¼ cup fresh red long hot pepper, stemmed, seeded and thinly sliced (about 5 4-inch peppers)

3 tbsp. Thai chilis, stemmed, seeded, thinly sliced (6 chilis, 2 inches long)

2 tbsp. of thinly sliced fresh garlic (3 cloves)

2 tbsp. of rice vinegar

1 tbsp. of tomato paste

1 ½ tbsp. sugar

2 tbsp. fish sauce

1-2 tbsp water to thin, optional

In a blender or food processor, place garlic, peppers and Thai chillis. Add rest of ingredients and blend until smooth.

Story by Kathryn Jones