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Lampe Berger Makes Scents to Us

Leave it to the French to figure out how to clean the air around you while diffusing a soft, evocative scent.

The Lampe Berger comes in a variety of lovely designs, including one bearing Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” as shown here, and a multitude of fragrances ranging from Borneo teakwood and mysterious patchouli to freshly laundered clothes. The scent will be diffused slowly as it transforms your home into an inviting environment, free of pet or cooking odors.

Terrasi European Collections & Scandia Down on the Plaza displays several of the Lampe Berger designs, starting at $30, along with a variety of aromas at $20 each for 500 ml. Store associate Sarah Winslow says her favorite is a spicy and exotic scent called Plaisirs Sucres d’Istanbul, which translates as Istanbul Delights.