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Garmin Vector Helps You Put the Pedal to the Metal

Stick to your cycling goals with the Garmin Vector, a new pedal-based cycling power meter that “measures where it matters.”

Unlike most bike power meters, which measure speed or torque in various places throughout the bike frame, Vector is placed exactly where the force is applied: on the pedal. This allows Vector to provide extremely accurate data of a cyclist’s ride.

In addition, Vector provides data on the power balance between the left and right legs. It also provides an intensity factor, the overall kilojoules and watts of a ride, and specific power zones. After a ride, Vector provides detailed post-ride analyses to help cyclists better understand their biking patterns and get the most out of future rides.

Vector can be installed at home in mere minutes and can easily be transferred from bike to bike. Its battery can be replaced at home. Through Garmin Connect, its data transfers seamlessly to other devices, including four versions of the Edge and the Forerunner 10XT. No matter where a cyclist is, they can have access to their last ride through almost any laptop. Garmin Vector is available online using the picture below, or available at most local bike shops.

Story by Alex Sher