A Clutch Created with Vintage & Modern Sensibilities

It only gets better with age, and it’s available just a short drive away.

This handcrafted, four-pocket leather clutch draws influence from the late ’60s and early ’70s English leatherwork, while being mindful of modern needs, like the smartphone pocket.  It features a full-length interior pocket with measured space for credit cards, open-faced identification, checkbook and coins, while a pen holder in the center completes the functionality of the piece. The soft Torino leather’s patina only improves with age and use.

Right now they can be found at Utilitarian Workshop.

Read more about the Utilitarian Workshop in KC Business.

The Hair On Pouch

This small carry-all is made from hair-on cow hide, with a 9” zipper, torino leather pull, and lined with gold fabric. The natural patterning of the hides make each piece essentially unique.