Anomo: Breaking the Digital Ice

A simple concept that has many more applicable uses than it first seems.

A critical component of business success relates to networking, which left introverts with a clear disadvantage—until recently. Social media has been a strangely effective tool for combating social anxiety. It’s likely that the quietest people you know have the loudest voices on Facebook or the most memorable Tweets. That’s because individuals who are shy or more reserved are able to speak their minds freely without having to physically converse with others.

Anomo is an innovative social media app that breaks the mold of traditional approaches by offering introverts the opportunity to encounter and connect only to those with whom they feel most comfortable. It guarantees timid users the utmost privacy by allowing them to create their own anonymous avatar first in order to play a series of icebreaker games. Once a level of trust is established, users may choose to reveal themselves and continue interacting.

Anomo was designed by introverts for introverts with the intent to connect them on the basis of friendship, romance or business networking. The Seattle-based mobile startup is the brainchild of Piq CEO James Sun and Benjamin Liu, a former “Microsoftie” who previously founded InterActive Sports Media and software consulting firm Vinasource. founder Lee Zehrer and Microsoft Vice President Amit Mital reportedly invested in the venture as well. The app is free and is available for iPhone and Androids through the images above.

Story by Kathryn Jones