The Affordable Health Care Act: Do You Believe in Magic?

Bob Bennett discusses the many ways in which politicans have tricks up their sleeves when it comes to the Affordable Health Care Act.

If the U.S. business community began operating with the same abusive philosophy as the present government, we will soon transform into a Third World country. The United States would function only on hope and “magic.” (“Magic” meaning the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand legislation.)

I say abusive philosophy because Congress’ legislation (13 percent approval rating) seems to always be based on “Do not do as I do; do as I say.” Matters that the legislators address by creating laws are almost always beyond the capability and expertise of the people writing those laws. If their laws were really good, politicians wouldn’t constantly exempt themselves, their staffs and cronies from the encumbrances inflicted by those laws. Businesses, by law, are not allowed to enact those kinds of preferential policies in respect to employees and customers. Ironic, isn’t it?

The government’s philosophy assumes U.S. citizens are just too stilted and/or ignorant to make intelligent, safe and beneficial choices for their families or themselves. We’re just not intelligent enough to choose the best self defense, health insurance, healthcare, housing, food, light bulbs, soft drink size, etc. Government’s lawmaking dictates that citizens be enslaved for their own protection and, in turn, the laws allow the legislators to be protected from those they enslave.

Two of the definitions for slave on the Merriam Webster Dictionary Website are:

1. One that is completely subservient to a dominating influence

2. A person held in servitude as the chattel of another

The introduction of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA) is truly a demonstration of political “magic.” At the highest order, it illuminates what great “magicians” most politicians can be. The Merlin-like politicians in this administration are in the process of making healthcare—20 percent of our economy—disappear and be replaced with what? We don’t know. They don’t know. It must be voodoo “magic.”

Our government deftly uses sleight of hand, misdirection and illusions on a constant basis. The first illusion the PPACA created was to deceive people into believing that healthcare and health insurance are synonymous. That’s misdirection “magic.”

PPACA proposed to make affordable quality health insurance (not care) available to everyone and, at the same time, reduce the cost of that health insurance (not care). The administration announced that the PPACA would enable millions of people to access healthcare while reducing annual costs to families by approximately $2,500. That is already questionable “magic.”

As part of the PPACA “Magic Act,” the Department of Health and Human Resources has made more than half a billion dollars disappear, and in its place, an abusive website that doesn’t work appeared. This is wasteful “magic.”

Additional sleight-of-hand legislating by Congress includes its attempts to ban human-operated metal contraptions (a.k.a., guns) for causing nearly 31,076 deaths in the U.S. in 2010, 19,392 of which were suicides. At the same time, other human-operated metal contraptions (a.k.a., automobiles) were instrumental in 32,885 deaths with no estimate of any suicides and certainly no attempts to ban cars.

If the government is truly trying to protect U.S. citizens, why is this administration so insistent that everyone has access to a healthcare system that, according to the book “Death By Medicine,” is noted for the deaths of nearly 800,000 or more people each year.

The Health Affairs Blog recently revealed that the U.S. has moved from 24th place in 1999 to 49th place in the world for both male and female life expectancy. Now, we citizens are being forced to participate in what has become a bloated, corrupt, inept and greedy government and medical industrial complex. I see no effort to ban these entities that are causing such huge numbers of deaths of U.S. citizens.

 Here’s some sound business advice. In order to start a reputable and long-lasting business, you must first make sure that your main effort is to serve your constituency—your customers—honestly. Be open and provide goods and services that honorably equal the value of compensation that you receive from your clients. There should always be a rhythmically balanced interchange in order to attain a successful endeavor.

If you model your business to function exactly opposite of how our government works, I see great success in your future. By the way, I do believe the current government is a “magical” entity. It just happens to be the type of “magic” with which the self-respecting and honorable businessperson wants no affiliation.

Bob Bennett is founder of Commworld of Kansas City. Opinions expressed in this column are strictly those of the writer and are not endorsed by Anthem Publishing or any of its subsidiaries. To respond to this column, send comments to [email protected]