6 Steps to Trimming a Tremendous Christmas Tree

Mary Carol Garrity of Nell Hill’s in Kansas City has some simple rules to creating a stunning holiday centerpiece for your home.

Decorating your Christmas tree can be the highlight of the holiday season. For some people, it’s a family celebration, where everyone gathers to add their favorite ornaments to the mosaic of memories that covers the pine. For others, trimming the tree is like creating artwork, with each ornament carefully chosen and strategically placed.

When it comes to creating an awe-inspiring Christmas tree, my friend Kelly is a master. A floral designer who is also part of the visual team at Nell Hill’s, Kelly has been busy this year designing trees at Nell Hill’s, each one unique, each one stunning. Our customers always ask us how to make their trees as beautiful as the ones in our stores. We can’t clone Kelly and send her to everyone’s home to help with their trees, but we can share her secrets for the perfect six-layer tree.

However you go about it, here are four simple steps for trimming a tree that is as glorious as the season:

1. Make sure you have enough lights to make the tree brilliant. She uses 100 lights per foot of the tree’s height.

2. Don’t shove the tree into a corner. This is a masterpiece, so make sure it’s in a highly visible spot.

3. Use a tablecloth to conceal the tree stand instead of a tree skirt. Tablecloths drape nicely and are easily laundered.

4. Pick a theme and color palette to bring alive. Use up to three colors on your tree, no more.

See the other two tips at Mary Carol Garrity’s blog.