5 Communication Dos & Don’ts from Donna Craig

Why your people don’t do what you want and how to change that.

1. They don’t know what you want.

You say X; they hear Y. This is a communication issue. Asking questions is a much more effective way to communicate than telling people what to do. Help them solve problems by helping them discover the solutions through questions.

2. They don’t know how to do it.

This is a project management issue. When you hire people and don’t give them the training to do their job, you are setting them up for failure. Look for and embrace teachable moments. Tell. Show. Watch.

3. They simply can’t do it.

It’s like putting a square peg in a round hole. Be cognizant of putting people in the right roles with the right goals. Everyone has gifts. It is your responsibility to provide opportunities for them to take advantage of those gifts.

4. There are organizational blocks.

If employees are working with outdated equipment or don’t have enough time to get the work done, they can’t do their jobs properly. Recognize those organizational blocks, fix them or eliminate them altogether to help increase productivity.

5. They don’t want to do it.

This is a motivational issue. Simply listening to your employees, understanding them and appreciating them for what they do will create a motivational environment.

Donna Craig is a leadership coach and behavioral change specialist and created the Leadership Resources KC consulting group.