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Superfood Smoothie Recipe: Make Your Day Peachy

Get a quick dose of power and punch to start off your day right. It’s simple to make too!

Nutrition experts herald breakfast as the most important meal of the day, but a busy morning routine doesn’t leave much time for a nourishing meal. A common misconception is that if it’s healthful, it’s complicated. Au contraire, says Kara Friel, registered dietitian at the University of Kansas Hospital. You can create a great start to any day with this simple and quick superfood smoothie made of peach, mango and coconut.

Proof: A superfood smoothie that’s a tasty addition to nearly any light breakfast

Kara Friel is a registered, licensed dietitian who has worked at the University of Kansas Hospital for more than 10 years. Her focus is giving outpatient clients nutrition information for diabetes, weight management, heart-healthy eating and gastrointestinal and kidney disease.

Superfood smoothie recipe courtesy of Kathleen Hale.