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Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott Creates a Different Kind of Sugar Buzz

This cake is the bee’s knees.

Your guests will be buzzing about this delightful honey and white wine-soaked brioche cake for days. Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott’s signature Beehive Cake ($65 by pre-order) is filled with vanilla pastry cream and covered with Swiss meringue. Adorable handmade marzipan honeybees flit around the top.

To make it even sweeter, the bakery’s mother and daughter team, Natasha and Vicki Goellner, donate 20 percent of the Beehive Cake’s sales to the Help the Honeybee Fund. Pastry chef Natasha explains, “Bees are responsible for one-third of the food we eat, and with environmental changes, their habitats are in danger. Help us do our part to help them survive.”

Don’t just fly by Natasha Mulberry & Mott on the Plaza. Stop in for delectable pastries, macarons, ice cream and other treats. The desserts and the packaging—white boxes and pastel ribbons—are legendary.

Order Natasha’s Beehive Cake by clicking on the image.