A Convention Display that Won’t Break Your Back or Bank

The new ultra-portable Skyline Windscape display system might be the lightest professional system available, and it was designed right here in Kansas City.

Displaying items in an exhibit or tradeshow is easier than ever before with the new Skyline WindScape. After years of perfecting WindScape for the market, Skyline Displays Heartland feels its new product is ready and revolutionary. The air-powered transport system is the first of its kind, and the lightweight design is incredibly simple to set up.

Each of these models of portable displays will fit into the regular size backpack, pictured at the front.

The deflatable display system allows an entire booth or exhibit to fit in just one or two suitcases. They inflate in a matter of mere minutes making WindScape the easiest and quickest to display a business at any event. The system saves money on shipping and storage costs while saving time waiting for and setting up elaborate booth designs. Inflating and deflating the exhibit is tool-free and requires only connecting a hose and pushing a button. Also, changing, adding or removing graphics and words is simple even though your fabric graphics come pre-installed on the frame. The display is lighted to receive even more attention.

WindScape offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any exhibit space. The displays are convenient enough to be used in pop-up stores, TV studio sets, health clinics, conferences and more. They can be used to display a business—or anything else for that matter—at any time and can also create aesthetically pleasing, temporary, private spaces with ease.

Providing the Midwest with tradeshow exhibit solutions, Skyline Displays Heartland creates stunning displays for any client. Through innovative ideas and technology, Skyline blends “practicality” with “visually-pleasing” flawlessly. The company guides clients every step of the way from idea to actuality, including structural and graphic design, storage and maintenance. It is only fitting that the latest in portable display technology came out of the company that has served the Midwest with everything display-related.

With the perfect space and method to display any brand, logo, graphic, information and more with ease, WindScape is the ultimate in exhibit technology. ~ Alex Sher