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Chef Michael Corvino Recipe: Porcini Lyonnaise

Porcini Lyonnaise with celeriac mousseline, slow poached egg, crispy pig ear, and smoked vinaigrette

In the style of a classic shallot-mustard vinaigrette, Chef Michael Corvino starts with pan frying minced porcini in grapeseed oil, then adds shallots and cooks briefly.

Next, Corvino adds Dijon mustard, baynuls vinegar (aged in oak barrel), virgin olive oil and smoked garlic oil. Seasoned with perigord truffle salt (which The American makes in-house) and espelette chili pepper.

The smoked vinaigrette is crucial to this salad. Similar to the classic version with smoked bacon lardons, Chef Corvino uses fried pig ear and a chilled, thinly sliced pig ear terrine that is not smoked.

For the poached egg component, he circulates a Campo Lindo Farm egg at 61 degrees Celsius for a just-set white and perfectly runny yolk.

Warm celery root puree cooked with cream, butter and olive oil is the base of this salad. The egg sits in the middle and is seasoned generously with perigord salt and espelette.

The salad of Frisee, parsley and chive is dressed with the vinaigrette and spread around the egg. Pig ear terrine, crispy fried pieces and shaved raw porcini mushrooms are laced throughout the greens.

Porcini Lyonnaise as prepared by Chef Michael Corvino. Photo by Landon Vonderschmidt.

Chef Michael Corvino cooks at Kansas City’s renowned The American Restaurant in the Crown Center Shops district.