A Case for American Made Ingenuity

One of the rare mobile phone accessory manufacturers based in the United States is just outside the Kansas City metro area and makes amazing designs.

Five years ago, Jonathan Endicott began designing high-end accessory wraps out of his basement. It was not long until his company, Slickwraps, was born. Once the iPhone 4 was released, Endicott built a 10,000-square-foot warehouse in Andover, Kan., which now employs 27 people full time and has a call center. As of February 2013, Slickwraps had shipped more than 500,000 wraps to 32 countries.

Slickwraps is one of the only mobile accessory manufacturers that operates completely out of the United States and utilizes local vendors as much as possible. In addition to stimulating the local economy, Slickwraps prides itself on its high-quality, handcrafted products. Between high-tech machinery and meticulous quality control, the company prioritizes attention to detail to ensure the best possible product. In fact, if a customer is not satisfied with a case’s quality, Slickwraps will replace the item free of charge.

Slickwraps sells skins in more than 60 different styles for more than 30 different products. Its diverse styles include glow-in-the-dark, metal, carbon fiber, camouflage, animal patterns, mood ring, glow and more. All designs are fade resistant for five years. Slickwraps also allows its customers to customize wraps from a plethora of colors and designs. The wraps will fit iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, HTC phones, iPods, iPads, Kindles, Macbooks, iMacs, Mac accessories, game controllers, Pebble smart watches, Beats by Dre and more.

In late July, Slickwraps unveiled a new wrap called The Case (green model pictured below), which was designed to protect the iPhone 5S. It is available in 90 mix-and-match designs and can quickly and easily be changed with simple, removable and reusable Slickwraps inserts. The textured rubber sides grip the phone and a 1mm insert keeps it in place.

The new design allows Slickwraps to expand into the market of sturdier phone cases and offer new designs and styles. The Case starts at $24.95 and can be purchased online at

Story by Alex Sher