Breckenridge Bound with Zeal Z3 GPS SPPX Goggles

Black runs? You are so there.

With these Zeal Z3 GPS SPPX Polorized Snow Goggles ($549.95), you’ll have the clear advantage. Track, download and log your speed, distance, jump stats and location using the GPS-enabled system. The non-obtrusive graphics allow complete front and peripheral vision with an internal screen that’s easy to read. All this in a lightweight, pliable and strong frame that provides comfort throughout your all-day skiing marathon. And we don’t have to point out that you’ll look good while hitting the inaugural season of Peak 6 at Breck.

Look for these at or swoosh into the Overland Park store for a wide selection of ski and outdoor sports gear.

Get a sneak preview of Peak 6 at REI Sports of Overland Park.

More ski wear from Arc-teryx – Stingray Shell Jacket

The Arc’teryx Men’s Stingray Jacket will have you out getting face shots on days when everyone else is stuck at the base lodge wishing they had the gear to brave the cold. The lightly insulated Gore-Tex soft shell material is so bulletproof that you won’t even notice the cold, but it breathes so well that you won’t get baked and clammy.