Barbara King Advises You to Get Out of Town

Take in the majestic views without sacrificing comfort.

There’s a romance to touring Africa on a safari, according to Barbara King of Great Getaways Travel. She should know; she’s done it close to 20 times. She suggests experiencing Central East Africa—which includes Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda—known for its “Out of Africa” expansive savannahs and fascinating mountain gorillas.

Photos by Michael King.

Choose Southern Africa, known for breathtaking views including the sand dunes of Namibia and Victoria Falls, which stretches between Zambia and Zimbabwe. You’ll luxuriate at safari camps that rival any luxury hotel, with plunge pools for each suite, amazing wine cellars and spa service. If Ulusaba, located in South Africa, is good enough for Sir Richard Branson, it’s certainly good enough for us.

Switching continents, Patagonia is famous for the majestic Andes, roaring rapids, untouched wilderness and first-class lodges. For instance, Tierra Patagonia, which opened in 2011, is nearly as spectacular as the view. Its undulating design conforms to the rolling land on which it sits just outside Torres del Paine National Park.

Barbara also recommends expedition cruising along the southern tip of Antarctica where the icebergs and mountains are silent hosts. Not so silent are the boisterous penguins in the area.

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