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2 New Gift Ideas from KitchenAid

Holiday ideas for your culinary craftsman from KitchenAid that can open up all new possibilities for new types of cuisine in an instant.

We should probably feel a little guilty that we’re already tossing out holiday gift ideas before Black Friday, but we can’t help ourselves. KitchenAid keeps coming with great, well-made kitchen accessories and we keep taking them home to try. We settled on two items that we thought deserved special mention.

KitchenAid Digital Convection Oven

Like an infant weightlifter, this one packs a lot of power into a tiny footprint.

Watts? 1800, with nine cooking functions and a high contrast, easy-to-read digital display. This model cooks to full-size oven capabilities in a convenient, compact cooking appliance smaller than most microwaves.

The convection baking option uses a fan to circulate heated air for even heating and reduced cooking time. You can also program staged cooking cycles that activate heating elements as needed to crisp, brown or sear. One of the pre-programmed functions, Asado roast, is named for a popular Argentinian cooking style and tells the oven to adjust from a high sear to a lower cooking temperature for superior roasting. The idea is, Argentinians really know their meat. Likewise, KitchenAid really know their small kitchen appliances, so no worries on quality here.

The KitchenAid convection countertop oven features a stainless steel finish, and includes a 12-inch non-stick deep dish pan, a 12-inch grilling rack and removable cooling rack.

KitchenAid Copper Cookware Sets

The first rule of cooking is: don’t skimp on your cookware. Creating the perfect heat convection system is half the battle, alongside using the best ingredients you can find. You aren’t buying your way to better skill, but simply buying something that improves the odds of a better dish.

The notable news? This is the first non-licensed cookware in its nearly 100-year history, and includes eight distinct lines designed to accommodate different cooking styles, technologies and personal preferences.

The cookware includes aluminum; hard anodized; stainless steel; professional hard anodized, sculptured stainless steel, tri-ply stainless steel; tri-ply copper; and copper core cookware. Open stock pieces are also available.

Every piece of the cookware collection is induction capable, and can be used on any electric, gas or induction cooktop. The aluminum, hard anodized, stainless steel and professional hard anodized lines feature a colorfast finish which resists fading and discoloring. The collection as a whole was designed using advanced finishes to ensure a like-new appearance even after repeated dishwasher cleanings.

Also new this year is the brand’s durable Cast Iron cookware collection, available in Streamline, Traditional and Professional designs. The cookware is available in 3-qt., 4-qt. and 6-qt. sizes, and pot lids double as grill tops for the stove.

KitchenAid cookware and small appliances are available in Kansas City at Williams Sonoma and Macy’s department store.