We’d Follow You Anywhere

Standard Style is a destination for global nomads that need outfitting before their next trek to the Flint Hills Nature Trail…or a Sunday stroll along the Brookside Trail. That walkabout can unfold in style with Haute Hippie, clothing that is mercilessly inspired by a myriad of cultures, genres, people, places and eras.

“It is difficult to characterize Haute Hippie in a simple strap line – but that is, in many ways, the point. The clothes are unmistakably innovative and fun with hand embellished signature body accessories such as the “dicklace”, the “chessorie” and the “crapin”; sumptuous and sophisticated whether a ballgown or a boy boxer; meticulously detailed whether a hand-embellished sequin dress, or a graphic tee; and as versatile as they are practical,” so says the Haute Hippie.