Vespa GTV 300: Lead the New Mod Squad

Take a ride on a Vespa with classic styling and modern efficiency.

Stylish young men known as Mods riding Italian Vespas, wearing fashionable suits and listening to modern jazz and later ska––this subculture traces back to 1950s London. The cultural influence and appeal of Vespa eventually made the leap to the U.S. and has never faded. The Vespa GTV 300 i.e. retains the line’s charm, stylish utility and innate cool with a modern update.

The Vespa GTV 300 reinterprets the hallmark elements of 1950s and 60s models.
 For instance, the headlight mounted on the front mudguard of the GTV 300 i.e. is a nod to some of the first Vespas to come off the production line in Pontedera, Italy. The two-seat saddle in eco-leather is elegant and comfortable. Like the original Vespas, it is split into two separate seats. Precision-crafted piping emphasizes the scooter’s silhouette.
Powerful and sleek, the fuel-injection engine saves on fuel consumption while producing an impressive 65–70 miles per gallon. $6,999.

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The Vespa GTV 300 ie in Cream and Cappuccino can be just as relaxing and invigorating as a fresh cup of joe on a crisp fall morning.