Top Three Products from Calico Beard & Mercantile

Calico Beard & Mercantile Owner Tara Shaw brings hair and fashion together

Tara Shaw, owner of The Calico Beard & Mercantile (818 W. 17th St.), grew up, as so many creative spirits do, in a rural town of about 2,500 people. Inspired by the many Westerns she’d seen, the idea of the mercantile stuck with her throughout her work in the fashion industry and after that, when she decided to enter the world of hair.

“The ‘mercantile’ part of the name came from the nostalgia of the Westerns,” Shaw says. “Calico is a printed fabric that was a big deal at the turn of the century. All the stylish women of the time wore it. Soon it became nothing. I find it interesting just how fickle fashion has been and can be. Calico is also a hair pattern, which we all have to a certain extent—one blonde strand, one brown and so on. And beard just tied in really nicely,” Shaw says.

A mix of modern and carefully selected vintage creates an uncluttered and efficient salon atmosphere for adventurous salon seekers.

The Calico Beard & Mercantile is a new salon in the growing Westside area. Shaw pulled two of her industry friends into the mix to serve as the other stylists at Calico. In fitting with Shaw’s dual talents, both stylists are also involved in other creative fields—fashion and music.

Shaw also incorporates this dual concept into the salon with a modern-day mercantile right in the salon. Fusing hair with clothing, Shaw selects vintage and handmade goods to share in her salon. Sharing local items locally is important to Shaw because of it showcases local talent and reduces local issues.

Naturally, Shaw’s favorite hair care products, jewelry and other products are available for purchase at Calico Beard & Mercantile.

 2. Kevin Murphy Super Goo

“I’ve been looking for one styling product to work for vintage inspired cuts that are faded on the side and longer on the top. I had been cocktailing different mixtures until Kevin Murphy came out with this a few months ago,” Shaw says.

It gives a firm hold, but it does not make hair stiff or greasy. It does not flake, is water-soluble and provides a natural finish.

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3. Recrudescence Jewelry

“This is my favorite jewelry line ever, and it is great that it calls Kansas City home,” Shaw says. Owner and Designer Andrea Minnette searches for antique treasures on her travels around the world, and she combines these lost items into whimsical pieces.

Each one is a statement.

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 Mystic Magic Graphic Wear

“An independent line of skater/rider driven clothing right out of Kansas City. I enjoy the many ways this line makes black and white graphic logos fun and original. I love a black graphic tee but get very bored at the over-used symbols and puns. This line is gritty and clever,” says Tara Shaw, owner of Calico Beard & Mercantile.

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1. ColorProof PureRelease Instant Detangle

This 100-percent vegan, leave-in spray is perfect for longer locks that tangle after shampooing. This product also works as a heat protector and extends the life of color. “I like the gentle definition it gives curls of fine hair without making them heavy,” Shaw says.

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