Three Service Companies in KC Combine to Form NextPage

NextPage to invest over $3 million in new equipment, technology and overall expansion.

The “page” is redefined in Kansas City. As of November 1, 2013, Mail Print, Graphic Services Printing and L & L Manufacturing will be known as NextPage and will offer customers the best technology, talent and service when it comes to printing, direct marketing and, in general, the delivery of content.

According to company CEO, Gina Danner, “Our goal is simple: to lead our customers beyond the printed page through more efficient use of their marketing dollars and driving revenue through more effective marketing execution. We are set on redefining the print industry and, in doing so, redefining the page itself.”

Danner goes on to share, “The evolution of the company goes beyond a simple name and logo change. We are treating this step in our evolution as if we are creating a 25 plus year old, brick and mortar, manufacturing, technology startup. We have expanded our manufacturing plant by 75% taking our total space to 70,000 square feet and are investing over $3.5 million in new equipment, technology and overall expansion.”

The NextPage logo represents forward movement, strength and energy; it signifies the leading edge of print and takes the page into the new world of complex, data-driven, multi-channel direct marketing. Upon moving into their newly expanded facility, the NextPage team promises to Deliver More to their customers.

The merger, rebrand, expansion and equipment acquisitions promise an exciting future for NextPage. Add to that the planned staff expansion of about 30% (adding over 30 new employees) the company is redefining the print industry in this region.