See the 1930 Woodie Wagon That Turns Heads

It doesn’t get much cooler than a Woodie wagon with a surfboard strapped to the roof. It conjures up images of southern California, the Beach Boys, and monster waves.

What may not come to mind is Middle America and Kansas City. How about Bowling Green, Kentucky?

Dan and Susan Tallant of Tallant Hot Rods in Kansas City, Missouri are the proud owners of this sensational Woodie. It was on a trip to a car show in Bowling Green, Kentucky when inspiration struck. They were talking about building a fun fairgrounds car. They wanted a car that wouldn’t need a ton of cleaning and detailing, something that was just fun. While they were talking they saw just what they were looking for.

Sitting in front of them was a 1930 Woodie Wagon built from a Ford Model A. It was cool, unique, and just the kind of thing they were talking about. As they were giving it a look, Dan noticed the “for sale” sign in the seat. They had not planned to buy a car that day, but that is just what they did. They negotiated a deal and then made arrangements to pick it up the following weekend.

Once the car made it to the shop, it did not have any time to gather dust. They went with a “Tiki” theme because Susan believed it needed a tropical motif. Susan collects Tiki stuff so that was an easy choice. Dan started work right away. In a little over a week’s time, the car was looking good and in its first show.

To make this Woodie stand out, Dan really went to work. This 1930 Model A was chopped and channeled four inches. It rolls on 1935 Ford wire wheels and wears a 1932 Chevy grill. All of the wood was custom fabricated atop a 1-inch square tube frame. After Dan painted it, Eric Campbell came in to do all the pinstriping.

Some of the other custom touches are the 1935 Ford dash and the one off custom bomber seats. Dan finished building the rack for the surfboard to ride on top just before Greaserama. The Pepsi cooler was a birthday present to Susan from their friends Matt and Cindy. It really is a nice finishing touch.

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The 1930 Ford Model A Woodie custom car created by Kansas City’s Tallant Hot Rods. Story and photo by Steve Giangreco, from