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Read a Doctor’s Secrets on the Art of Staying Young

The cosmetic and plastic surgery industries have built an empire based on the idea of the “fountain of youth.” One doctor says it’s much more than that.

Physician James L. Hardeman’s new book “Appears Younger than Stated Age: A Doctor’s Secrets on the Art of Staying Young” ($16.95) reveals fundamental health truths with which no wrinkle cream or surgical facelift can compete.

This how-to book focuses on 40 main health habits that readers can incorporate into their daily lives. According to Hardeman’s book, a healthy lifestyle and mental wellness will in turn ensure a younger and fit appearance.

The book also includes low-calorie recipes and fitness tips. Although a wellness makeover doesn’t happen overnight, Hardeman’s book outlines how to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle without fad diets or seen-on-TV gimmicks.

This guide also includes motivation tips and recommendations on how to increase daily physical activity. Hardeman disproves diet myths and explains the art of managing a healthy weight.

Hardeman is a physician advisor to the clinical nutrition services at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, Cali. For 30 years as a practicing physician, he’s developed strategies for maintaining a youthful appearance and healthy lifestyle; as he terms it, “the art of staying young.” Without scientific jargon, Hardeman details his experience and how any reader can look and feel healthier and younger at any age. Get a copy of “Appears Younger than Stated Age” at Barnes & Noble (multiple metro locations). – Allison Kohn